19 Januari 2012

Magellan Security System - Wireless

About Magellan  Security System

Magellan is the first security system to combine security with popular consumer features and a stylish design. The Magellan line of all-inone security systems and transmitters provide completely wireless security for any residential or small commercial installation. Magellan also features support for two-way wireless transmitters that allow users, for instance, to confirm the status of their systems through a remote control.

Magellan Products And Accessories

Magellan’s 32 zone systems are quick and convenient to install and with their friendly menu-driven programming require practically no training whatsoever. And with their in-field firmware upgrade capability, you can conveniently update an installed system, on-site, within minutes.

The Magellan all-in-one security systems combine security with unique consumer features, such as an FM radio, high quality sound, a family message center, a hands-free speakerphone, an alarm and a designer look you may never have associated with security. With Magellan, you have security and so much more.

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